Selling a Restaurant? Here’s What things You Need To Know

While other industries may be experiencing slower growth, the restaurant industry is booming and growing considerably, making buying a restaurant an attractive prospect. A method that you can enter the foodservice industry is to get started in your own restaurant, which is a great option for those with plenty of restaurant experience. But, if you don’t have a background in food service or any possession experience, a better option may be to buy a preexisting restaurant. In this specific article, we’ll cover how much it costs to buy a restaurant and the steps you will need to take to get a restaurant.

Make selling your enterprise or restaurants for sale with these easy seven steps.

Determine the worthiness of your small business. …

Clean up your enterprise financials. …

Prepare your leave strategy in advance. …

Increase your sales. …

Look for a business broker. …

Pre-qualify your buyers. …

Get business contracts in order.

Investing in a restaurant can be considerably less expensive than buying an enterprise in some other industry, which, in conjunction with the growth in the industry, makes it an advisable investment. But, before you take into account buying a restaurant, you should know roughly how much you will probably pay.

Here’s how much it costs to buy a restaurant, on average, according to a recent survey:

Median Startup Cost (Without Purchasing Land): $275,000

Average Price Per Square Feet: $95

Median Startup Cost (With Purchasing Land): $425,000

It’s also advisable to remember that the numbers in the above list are averages, so it is possible to find restaurants for sale for significantly below these prices. When contemplating how much a restaurant may cost locally, it’s also advisable to consider your location. For instance, it will be more costly to buy a restaurant in a metropolitan area than in the suburbs or a rural location.

Here’s What you ought to Know:

Are you on the point of buy or sell a restaurant? Before you do, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. As the deal of a restaurant has many similar features to the deal of every other business, there are many considerations specific to the deal of any food services business that you have to keep in mind. Whether the deal price for the restaurant is $5,000,000 or $5,000, these things to consider apply and are essential to take into account before proceeding.

Asset Deal or Share Sale?

One of the first things you will need to choose is whether the transfer will be a secured asset deal or a talk about deal. A share deal means that the corporation which goes the restaurant will be sold. A secured asset sale means that only the belongings used in the business enterprise will be sold. You will find pros and cons to each type of deal and the right framework will rely upon the details of the offer. If you want help with which is best for you, you should get hold of your lawyer.

The Landlord

One of the most crucial functions in a restaurant deal is the landlord of the premises where in fact the restaurant is situated. Whether or not you do an asset deal or a talk about sales, you’ll likely need the landlord’s consent. It is important to consult with the landlord as soon as possible in the lifecycle of the offer to ensure that the landlord will consent to the deal and to ensure that you have any materials well prepared that your landlord requires to be able to complete the sales.


If you’re selling or investing in a franchised restaurant, the Franchisor may also be important get together in the deal. Both parties should suggest the Franchisor of the suggested sale and comply with any requirements the Franchisor has set up associated with the deal of the restaurant. Again, you should get started the process early on in the life cycle of the offer to ensure that the Franchisor will not hold up the deal at the last second.


Restaurants typically require certain municipal licenses to be able to transport on business, such as a liquor certificate or an eating establishment business certificate. Certain requirements for moving these licenses vary depending on where in fact the restaurant is located and if the sale is a property deal or a show sale. You must find out what these requirements are for your transaction as soon as possible, as the copy process can sometimes take weeks or even weeks.