Gorgeous Backsplash Ideas to Consider For Your Kitchen Renovation

From intricate and eye-catching to simple and clean, a backsplash will help you express your look in your kitchen. Get influenced with these amazing ideas.


Beadboard is a light-weight and versatile product ideal for backsplashes. Painted or natural, it really packages decor punch, particularly when installed in a distinctive way, like the chevron design pictured. A straightforward DIY task, you can set up this yourself in a weekend and with this guide about how to scribe for a perfect fit, you’ll make sure to have professional results. Kitchen backsplash ideas, As well as for durability, protect the solid wood with washable color or marine varnish.


In the event that you haven’t been blessed with exposed brick highlight walls in your house, you can simply recreate the rustic feel with brick veneer. Which may be installed with building adhesive? And veneer brick is slim enough to cut around receptacles and stores for a smooth look. Brick backsplashes give any home an up to date kitchen.


Who from backsplashes has to be a solid wall structure? With this guide about how to set up a home window, you’ll be one step nearer to a kitchen that is airy, bright and light. Just make certain to check your neighborhood building inspector to ensure that any prepared window enhancements meet local planning guidelines

Pressed Tin

If the real thing has gone out of your finances, you can create the timeless look of tin with Decorative Ceiling Tiles. Easy to set up, these faux tiles can be trim with regular scissors and installed with structure adhesive, causing this to be an acceptable weekend task to deal with. Once done pressed tin backsplashes wow!


Once relegated to external applications, installing rock facing indoors has turned into a hot trend lately. The warmth and appearance of real rock add a recognized Western European vibe to any kitchen and it is a simple DIY backsplashes task.


For kitchen areas with low-lighting conditions, setting up a mirrored backsplashes can be considered a smart way to lighten the area and put in a modern touch. And understand how to drill a gap in a reflection, and you could even customize your backsplash to hold items or other kitchen tools.


Use a wallpaper backsplash for an urgent pop of color that is simple to set up. Today’s wallpaper is high-tech and durable, which makes it a cinch to set up, and easy to eliminate when you choose to get one of these new looks.


It’s no key that you can organize anything with pegboard, why miss the kitchen? Pegboard is paintable, inexpensive and easy to install and it creates a statement. Color it a smooth pastel and stencil for an antique look, or stain dark and highlight with raw metallic for commercial advantage. Pegboard kitchen backsplashes enable plenty of corporation!


Industrial-chic is extremely popular in home décor, which is fantastic information for frugal homeowners who wish to renovate on a budget. Plywood can be considered a perfect choice for kitchen backsplashes. But make sure you understand the various marks of plywood and their applications before tackling this job.

Peel-and-Stick Backsplash Tiles

The recent influx of peel-and-stick tiles to the marketplace has provided homeowners with the appearance and feel of luxury tile for a fraction of the price. The application is really as simple and peels and stays, and these tiles can be installed over existing tile and a great many other areas, rendering it a simple way to improve the value of your house.


Chalkboard color is a trendy way to add spice to your wall space, but it’s also useful for kitchen backsplashes. Write down your grocery store list, daily menu or simply write yourself a happy quotation to ponder over morning hours coffee. And on top of that, chalkboard paint is ideal over magnetic color, making the business possibilities endless.